Wednesday 15 September 2010

Wednesday Madness

© Heidi Burton
Loooord what a day! 
Today was one of those days when all just goes really really wrong.
Leaving for work this morning I managed to not only miss the tube but while deciding what to do missed the bus as well. Between 6:30 and 7:45 I missed exactly four tubes and a bus. All shutting their doors literally in my face. The fourth time it happend I stuck my tounge out to the people inside.

I arrived at the station the same time my meeting was supposed to start so I ran with my bag, notes and umbrella in the pissing rain only to fall on a wet leaf (no, not a banana but must be the same thing for sure) and fell flat on the ground.

I dunno if you've seen that Sex and the City episode where Carrie flies over the floor in Louis Vuitton in Paris but I can imagine that's what I looked like, only I wasn't in Louis Vuitton and couldn't shop myself better and this wasnt a shiny polished floor, this was concrete pavement. 

For several seconds I laid there thinking it really doesnt matter. No one will know if I don't show up at the meeting and I can just stay here, I'm soaking wet anyway. Around the courner a mother and her two children showed up and they looked at me as if I was drunk or dead so I decided to move and try to run. 

Not a good idea. 

Bruised and ashamed I limped away and arrived ten minutes late only to find out I was one of the first one's there and my boss had given me the wrong time for the meeting. 

I sat in a corner of the room all morning and smiled to no one, speaking to no one. 
I'm not a person who smile when it's raining. 
I wish I was though...

Stockholm - Sandy 1 - 0

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Anonymous said...

ÅÅ gumman usch vilken dag!! Lilly