Tuesday 30 November 2010

Having a Best Friend

It was so weird, I was just in the shower and while there singing (I always sing in the shower) I started singing on a (true story) rap song me and my then best friend wrote when we were five or six. It was about her dog and I swear, I knew every single word of it and there's no way I've ever even thought about that song past the age of ten. Weird how your mind works...
So freckin hilarious and it made me think of her, I havn't seen her in probably ten years. She was a year older than I, and a couple of heads taller as you can see, ha ha. But I adored her, everything she told me I believed. If she said that when you loose your milkteeth it won't grow any new back, I believed her and cried myself to sleep for weeks. 
But she also told me I was the only one in the world who could pronounce her surname correct, even though she had a very common swedish surname that was easily pronounced. And she made her mom sow us the same outfits for every big holiday. You can see us in matching tops at the yearly crayfishparty. So fab.
I hope everyone had a friend like that when they grew up because she sure made my day when I was a kid. I have some of the best memories in life shared with her, and most of my scars has a connection to her too...

Sunday 28 November 2010

4 Things About 4 Things...

I was challenged by the fabulous Lovisa to tell you guys four things about four different things. 

4 Things I will do today:

  • Buy 18 of the same christmasgifts for the little ones at work.
  • Bake lussebullar, swedish christmasbuns with saffron. Yummy.
  • Face my fear and go up to the attic and get my christmaslights. It's freakishly scary up there.
  • Give Lenny a bath, he's one hairy stinky cat at the moment. You might think I'm cruel but he actually enjoys it. He doesn't even freak out when you start the shower hose.
4 Movies I Could Watch Forever:

  • Kramer vs. Kramer. I cry and can't stop crying. Man I love that movie. And Dustin, oh lord don't get me started on Dustin.  
  • Once Were Warriors. So dark yet so beautiful.    
  • Grease. Seriosly, I had the weirdest crush on John Travolta when I was a kid, it was kinda gross actually. But I must have seen the movie 200 times and knows every line and every song, pathetic.    
  • Cinema Paradiso. I just absolutely, utterly loooove this movie. So beautiful. So.
      4 Things That Makes Me Smile:

      • French Bulldogs. On a good day I even try to kidnap 'em. So cute!
      • Ebbe and Arthur, the two lovliest boys I've ever seen! Adore you guys!
      • Lovely words from lovely people. I'm blessed with some wonderful people around me who loves me back too!
      • Postcards. I love getting postcards. Old school style, no emails or phonemessages. I want torn edges and stamps. Por favor.
      4 places I wanna visit in 2011:

      • New York. Please.
      • Tokyo. Again, please.
      • The Stockholm archipelago. By boat. With Lilly.
      • Italy. Venice baby!

      I'm gonna pass this challenge over to Jen. Woop woop!

      Happy Holidays!

      I'm doing my Christmas shopping and thought I'd share this clip. It's for a great cause and also, I know the little girl in the beginning of the clip and she is just adorable!

      Thursday 25 November 2010

      All I Want For Christmas...

      is stuff from Urban Outfitters! Order today and you'll get 20% off only enter promo code TODAYONLY at the checkout!

      Wednesday 24 November 2010

      Studio Nommo

      Only 117 days to go (who's counting?) and I'm thinking maybe wallpaper, or paint in the bedroom... or in the hallway, or kitchen....
      Anyway, love these ones from Studio Nommo!

      Sunday 21 November 2010

      What a week

      A lot has been going on this past week and therefor less blogging. Best news of the week is that little Michelle Elise was born November 16th. Congrats a million Henrik and Alison!

      Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it with all my lovely friends, thanks you all so much for being there and thank you all who phoned, sang or sent your wishes. 
      I love you all!

      Pop Pop Portraits

      I aaaaaaadore these little drawings made by Helena aka Pop Pop Portraits. So cute!

      Sunday 14 November 2010

      Father's Day

      Saturday 13 November 2010

      I see hope for the world...

      Celebrity Style Crush: Nico

      Ferm Living

      I've probably gushed about Danish Ferm Living here before, but their stuff is just so cool they deserve to be up here all the time.

      Friday 12 November 2010