Sunday 29 August 2010

I Heart Sundays

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Saturday 28 August 2010

Smile of the Day

Love this! Dead Man's Bones. Amazing.

Celebrity Crush: Goldie Hawn

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This week has been exhausting, work and battling with still not being 100% after my tonsillitis. Met up with the girls on thursday to celebrate Camilla's birthday with food and drinks and woke up feeling miserable on friday. When I got home there was a brown package on the floor from Australia! Yeay, Mark and Kelly had sent me a supercool Midlake bag from their gig in Sydney and some lovely notes and a drawing, it totally made my day! Thanks guys!!!
I love when stuff like that happens, earlier while getting home from work I felt really ill on the bus home and had to get off and thought (like all do when sick) I really wish my mom was here and five minutes later she randomly called my cell to say she was in my neighbourhood! After recieving some love and hugs from mom I dragged my tired legs up to my flat to find a surprise inside the door!
Seriously, days like that doesn't come often but I'll remember this one for a long time that's for sure.
So thanks people for being you, I love you all!

Thursday 26 August 2010

Happy Birthday Ebbe!!!

Cutest boy ever, photo nicked from his mother ;)

Sunday 22 August 2010

Am Bird

I just had to put up these amazing illustrations here by supertalented Amber Lynn Seegmiller. I'm a big sucker for black ink and watercolour illustrations and these are just the coolest one's I've seen. You can buy her art here.

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Saturday 21 August 2010


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Stunning Red

American singer, songwriter and pianist Alison Sudol aka A Fine Frenzy is at the top of my jealouslist right now. Love her music and I adore her red hair, she's so stunning!
Also, check out these amazing headpieces she's modelling for supercool Black Label. Dunno about you, but I want them all!

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