Thursday 12 August 2010


Yup. I have it. And it's the end of day three and I finally managed to leave my couch today. Yeay! The fever is finally down but my throat is still sore. Anyways, no more sulking.
I read the wonderful Katie Sokoler's blog today and looked through her amazing photos on Flickr and her recent pics of a cat/costume/show/madness was just hilarious. It made me laugh so loud I thought my throat would start bleeding. Take a look at these dudes and their expressions, freakin priceless. And what made me almost pee my pants was the Edward Cullen Cat. H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!!! Thanks Katie for making my day with your amazing photographs and making me smile in this misery. If I wasn't so weak still from being ill I would defo dress up Lennon as Yoda...

All photos Katie Sokoler

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