Sunday 31 January 2010

Wuthering Heights and lots of snow

Can't believe it keeps snowing, it never stops. It's so freakin cold I sleep with two duvets and a cat over my feet. I'm still sick so I'm gonna spend my sunday in bed drinking coffee and reading a book. I love the cover of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. The 2009 Penguin cover is designed by Sabrina Bowers. I love a pretty book cover, and I especially love this cover, almost as much as I love the book.

Saturday 30 January 2010

Leek and Potato Soup

So it's finally saturday and I'm of course sick. When I'm sick all I eat is soup. And, shockingly, this is what I made for dinner this evening (I never cook).
The cook where I work makes this lovely leek and potato soup. So the other day when she was not there I sneaked in to the kitchen and peeked through her books. The recipe is rediculously easy, I bet even my cat could make it (if only he had thumbs).

Leek and Potato Soup

5 potatoes
1 leek
I litre vegetable stock
a cup of creme fraiche or cream
½ a cup of fine-cut chives (I didn't have any shives at home, rocket salad did the job just fine)
salt and white pepper

1. Boil the potatoes and chopped leek in the veg. stock for about 20-25 mins (until the potatoes are boiled to pieces)

2. Mash the leek and potatoes and add the creme fraiche or cream. 

3. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle the chives on top. Bon Appetite! 


Here are four polaroids from my kitchen and bedroom. Will update with a full tour of my flat later. Enjoy!


Hola good folks, just wanted to share with you what I bought yesterday for my kitchen. It's a MILK poster by Mikael Reuter (originally a painting) made for the Sweden Pop Art Exhibition with inspiration by Andy Warhol. You can buy the poster at

Tuesday 26 January 2010

My week so far...

has been full of laughter. Unfortunally Ryan Gosling doesn't work at my job, oh well

Photo WireImage

Sunday 24 January 2010


... is not a day when I do a whole lot, no cleaning, no cooking, no brainsurgery.
I bought an external harddrive today. I'm one of those people who bought a laptop and never bothered to use it wisely, and today I thought, after two years since I purchased it, today was the day I'd back up my computer. Pretty little thing and didn't cost that much, must remember not to use it as a coaster, must remember, must...
The rest of the day after being a responsible laptop owner I've made sure my sofa doesn't feel neglected and drinking lots of Detox tea by Pukka, yummy stuff. And most important do of the day, Karate Kid marathon on tv. Sunday lovely Sunday...

Sunshine Buddy

Call me dumb but I figured my Sunshine Buddy actually needed sunshine to work and has been totally cool with it not working for the past couple of depressingly dark months here up North... Until a good friend of mine told me to just put it near a lamp. And so I did. And he's gone absolutely mental. I don't know, I feel I've been cheated learning that my Buddy is a light bulb junkie and not this solar-powered-eco-happy-toy...


Star Wars Mania

For all you Star Wars fans out there here are a few cool items that can be purchased at It's a brilliant site where people can sell their designs. Be aware that once you've entered the site you prob will be stuck infront of your computer for hours, it has so many cool stuff!

Star Wars, Abbey Road painting by utopianaurora

Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Retro Apron by PoppysGardenGate

Disco Trooper print by UrbanSpelndor

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Star Wars Yoda by mwallco

Saturday 23 January 2010

Wall Art

Jason Munn is the brilliant designer behind the studio the Small Stakes based in Oakland California. Here are a few of his posters he's made over the years. Check out his website for a great selection of bands and a few of 'em are still up for sale.

Thursday 21 January 2010

Konditori Valand

Polish born Magdalena Åström is the proud owner of Konditori Valand in Stockholm, Sweden. Her swedish husband Stellan Åström designed the café for her in 1953 and the place hasn't changed since then. I find this place amazing and the fact that the old lady (she turns 80 this year) still works there is beyond cool.

Photos by Mats Jonholt, except the portrait, from Dagens Nyheter 2006-02-03

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Lilly in Wonderland

This is the home of my fabulous friend and designer Linda Larssen. She has a small apartment in Stockholm that is decorated beautifully and you can easily spend hours there dreaming away in her fairytale land.

Photos by Sandy in the Sky With Diamonds

Monday 18 January 2010

Rain Man

I just love Matilda Ringnérs carafe Rain Man. I want it and you guys should want one too!

Take Away @ Solde

At Solde Kaffebar in Malmö, Sweden you get your take away coffee poured into these supercool cups. Hanna Albrektsson or Weekend Form as she calls herself is the brilliant designer. It's probably a good thing for me and my wallet that they're located in Malmö, otherwise I'd probably be there everyday just to get a pretty cup of coffee.

Sunday 17 January 2010

Embroidered cushions are for old ladies?

My nana has her sofa full of 'em, flowery ones, round ones, blue ones, brown ones, they're everywhere and I bet she made them all too. But they've started to grow on me, and I kinda like 'em, so much that I want one too. I've found this cool site where you can order your own pattern after a photo. If you don't like the people you take photos of you can pick one from their examples. I want the king and queen of Sweden, absolutely fabulous, I'll use them as neck and foot support while watching True Blood.

If you can't be bothered making your own cushions here are a few other options

Kiss and Hug cushions from Emily Peacock, Dog on green from H&M Home, French Bulldogs from Zara Home and Alphabet on red from Edvard Eliasson

Good morning

Woke up about an hour ago and I'm on my second cup of coffee and I thought time for another mug-shot (ha ha)!

I mentioned earlier my need of a larger kitchen, I'll post some pics of my shoebox later but this is the kitchen I want. It belongs to supercool Isabelle Halling McAllister and these pics are from her website that were in the magazine Sköna Hem in 2006

I absolutely love the tiles, I want I want I want. And I think it looks really cool with white painted wooden floors but I couldnt do it myself. Putting loads of paint over my chestnut wooden old floors would break my heart, feels like killing it, with a brush, slowly suffocating it.
Anyway, I think my mug of the day would feel very comfy at that kitchen table don't you?

Saturday 16 January 2010

New York, Portland...

You may wonder why I'm apparently stuck to my laptop updating my blog every second. I had eyesurgery this thursday, so I'm stuck at home, not because I can't see or anything like that, I just look like a raccoon that's all. Anyway, I'll be going to NY this spring with my best friend and I spotted this cool ACE hotel that I thought had some really cool rooms. The pics below are both from their NY and Portland hotel, might have to visit them both...


I drink a lot of bad coffee at home, but to compensate the bad cheap coffee, I like to drink it in pretty cups. I have a lot of cups, I mean A LOT. I wanted to share a few from my collection with you. Sorry aout the bad quality of the pics, I need a new camera asap.
I like flowery ones...

and odd looking dudes and cups I've had as a child...

And this one I want just cuz I'm one of those geeky Twilight fans... (from

Drink up!


I'm a sucker when it comes to wallpaper, I could easily change it two times a week if it wasn't such a hassle putting it up. I've found this amazing site with loads of pretty patterns
I'm especially fond of Pip Studios panorama wallpapers, can't decide which one I love most, the pink one comes in babyblue as well

Here's one from Barneby Gates that I think would be great in my future kitchen, can you imagine sitting with your coffee cup in the morning, staring at all the old photos, I love it!

Friday 15 January 2010


I want a new apartment, like right now, just like that, handed over to me like a ticket on the bus. Don't get me wrong I have a really pretty apartment I just want a new one, like you want a new pair of shoes atlest every season. I wanna put all my stuff in boxes and reorganize everything.
And the kitchen, ooooh don't get me started. First of all I want an actual kitchen, one where at least six people can sit down and eat.
I want, I want...
I want a new apartment, NOW!

Oh well, here are some detail pics of my current crib.
Photos by me.

Jack Skellington toy from market in Dublin, Sonny Angel Cow from, French Bulldog salt and pepper from shop in Amsterdam