Sunday 17 January 2010

Good morning

Woke up about an hour ago and I'm on my second cup of coffee and I thought time for another mug-shot (ha ha)!

I mentioned earlier my need of a larger kitchen, I'll post some pics of my shoebox later but this is the kitchen I want. It belongs to supercool Isabelle Halling McAllister and these pics are from her website that were in the magazine Sköna Hem in 2006

I absolutely love the tiles, I want I want I want. And I think it looks really cool with white painted wooden floors but I couldnt do it myself. Putting loads of paint over my chestnut wooden old floors would break my heart, feels like killing it, with a brush, slowly suffocating it.
Anyway, I think my mug of the day would feel very comfy at that kitchen table don't you?

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