Sunday 28 November 2010

4 Things About 4 Things...

I was challenged by the fabulous Lovisa to tell you guys four things about four different things. 

4 Things I will do today:

  • Buy 18 of the same christmasgifts for the little ones at work.
  • Bake lussebullar, swedish christmasbuns with saffron. Yummy.
  • Face my fear and go up to the attic and get my christmaslights. It's freakishly scary up there.
  • Give Lenny a bath, he's one hairy stinky cat at the moment. You might think I'm cruel but he actually enjoys it. He doesn't even freak out when you start the shower hose.
4 Movies I Could Watch Forever:

  • Kramer vs. Kramer. I cry and can't stop crying. Man I love that movie. And Dustin, oh lord don't get me started on Dustin.  
  • Once Were Warriors. So dark yet so beautiful.    
  • Grease. Seriosly, I had the weirdest crush on John Travolta when I was a kid, it was kinda gross actually. But I must have seen the movie 200 times and knows every line and every song, pathetic.    
  • Cinema Paradiso. I just absolutely, utterly loooove this movie. So beautiful. So.
      4 Things That Makes Me Smile:

      • French Bulldogs. On a good day I even try to kidnap 'em. So cute!
      • Ebbe and Arthur, the two lovliest boys I've ever seen! Adore you guys!
      • Lovely words from lovely people. I'm blessed with some wonderful people around me who loves me back too!
      • Postcards. I love getting postcards. Old school style, no emails or phonemessages. I want torn edges and stamps. Por favor.
      4 places I wanna visit in 2011:

      • New York. Please.
      • Tokyo. Again, please.
      • The Stockholm archipelago. By boat. With Lilly.
      • Italy. Venice baby!

      I'm gonna pass this challenge over to Jen. Woop woop!


      itsallvintage lovisa said...

      äsch. du gör det så bra. en torr utmaning låter helt fabulous hos dig. = )

      kram Lovisa

      Sandy said...

      Aaah fast jag tror fan jag missade poängen, fattade inte att man skulle hålla sig till de fyra sakerna de innan skrivit om, ooops!

      frugan flink said...

      Sitter här och är alldeles rörd. Du är för fin. Tack för att du gillar mina pojkar!