Saturday 13 February 2010

Grammy and Dad

My grammy past away a couple of years ago just after christmas. I was living in Dublin at the time and was home for the holidays and thankfully got to see her before she past away. She was an old and very happy lady who'd accomplished a lot in her life. She was not wealthy but she moved in a way I found almost royal. She was a vidow for almost the entire time I knew her and very independent therefor.

I found this photo album while at my parents house a couple of weeks ago and I looked through it this morning and started thinking of her. I sometimes forget what an inspiration she has been to me in my life. She was an artist, and a seamstress. She even made hats for the royal family at one point in her career!

She and my gramps only had one child, my dad. And I've heard a story that she wasn't that pleased when the news of my arrival (I am the second child in my family) was told. One heir was ideal for a family. This is however not something I ever felt growing up, I'd like to think I changed her mind over the years.

She did a great job raising my dad. I adore my dad. Everyone idolizes their parents as a child (hopefully) and I never stopped. I think my dad is the coolest all time dad ever and I love him more than I could ever tell. And hopefully someday he will make an even greater impression and inspiration on my children.

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