Monday 1 March 2010

Dollhouse à la 1984

I was at mum and dad's over the weekend and mum and I went complete coocoo going through all of my toys from when I was two apples high. I dunno who had most fun, me or her. Found these furniture and doll's belonging to my homemade dollhouse à la 1984, made by no other than grampa Leo. The lovely Lovisa (and Annika) blogged a few weeks ago about her found at a flea market and this is my respond to her post. Toys where just so much better and cooler back when I was a kid. Today's dollhouses are filled with flatscreens and silicon tanned dolls. Yeay for the 80's!


itsallvintage said...

ooo waooo. lycka är att någon har sparat ens leksaker. och de "rätta". = )



Sandy said...

Tack, ja det e helt underbart med gamla gömda skatter