Tuesday 6 April 2010

Star Wars, Trolls, Kermit and a pair of supercute shoes

Mum and dad came over yesterday and she's doing some Spring cleaning at the house and found all our old toys (me and my brothers). She had a whole bag with her with stuff she thought I'd like. How cool are these? They're not mine but my brother said it was fine I'd have 'em up in my flat. 

There was also the super cool Kermit doll that now sits on the edge of my sofa chillin.

And what about these supercool Trolls? I can't believe my Mum kept all of our things it's really a blessing. 

And as a finale, here are my first pair of shoes. Size 17, that's tiny people, looks like I was dragging them around the floor crawling more than walking, soles are like new!

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