Sunday 27 June 2010

Long time no see

So I've been very bad at updating stuff on the blog, sorry...
Thought I'd share a few things that I've been up to since last.

There was a Royal Wedding going on in Stockholm, absolute madness but oh so pretty they were and so much fun. Linda and I was there...

Photo Leif R Jansson / Scanpix

Summer is officially here and it's been nothing but sun sun sun. Luckily my great job makes it possible for me to be ouside most of the day. I can't understand how people in offices all day survive.

Midsummer this year was packed with sun, lots of great food and most of all lovely friends and family. In tradition we celebrated midsummers at Linda's yellow cottage. Can't beat that, it's the best. And I even managed to fit in my H&M Garden Collection dress, it's been dying to be worn at a party.

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