Saturday 25 December 2010

DIY Dollhouse

I made this supercute and easy dollhouse for the kids at work just before Christmas. Basically I googled wallpaper + pattern and searched around all the large files. 

 1, 2, 3

Found these three retro looking wallpapers. Printed them out on paper and glued them onto the inside of an old bookshelf. Also found a photo of a window and printed out several of these and cut out (yes I glued some of them upside down, I wasn't really paying attention).
found here
Voila! Took about an hour or two and the kids thought it was supercool!

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lovisa said...

ahh. underbart!! SMART ATT skriva ut tapeter..
har ett projekt här hemma med ett dockskåp till liten. äns å länge är det bara vitmålat. och fyllt med hållbara trämöbler. = )

kram lovisa