Sunday 26 December 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I'm going through boxes of stuff and it's an endlessly boring job but it's better to do now than a week before moving day. While doing so I found this photo of me and Anna from back in 2003 when we lived in Dublin, Ireland.

I was 21 and had the time of my life. Anna and I crashed at some friend of mine's flat in Docklands and we used to sit on the neighbours balcony rooftop smoking and watching out over the Liffey. We worked in coffeeshops (Rio baby) for absolutely no money but met the coolest and funniest people ever. 
I fell in love and got my heart broken and we had Hula Hoops for breakfast every day. 
This photo was taken at my friend Stephen's 21st birthday party in Skerries. I had a hangover for a week after that party. 

We were babies then, Anna is nowadays travelling the world and is preparing for New Year's in Bali (not jealous at all) and I miss her more than those days back in 2003. And those days were pretty good I must say....
Love you Anna!


Anonymous said...

lite sorgligt, tiden går för fort...

Anonymous said...

I love u too baby!!! Only a few more months and I'm back home with u and Lennon again! Love the pic :) \
Anna xxx