Sunday 30 January 2011

40 Days!

What happened? I thought I had tons of time but moving day is in only 40 days. Yeay! I'm so excited and thanks to stomach flu this week I stayed in all weekend packing. It really takes it's time to do so. I'm glad I started now and didn't leave it til the final weekend as I always do. I'm going over to look at the place next week as it should be almost done now. I have big plans for my kitchen (14m²) especially beacause my current one is three times smaller!
Here are some inspiration pics and colour scheme.
Photo of kitchen from here and Paintcolours by Alcro
I'm also thinking that either a kitchen island would be cool or a bench to go with the table.

Source pic one and pic two


Frugan F said...

Och bara 45 dagar kvar tills jag å Ärtan kommer! Som vi längtar. Behöver verkligen något roligt och mysigt att se fram emot!

Sandy said...

Och som jag längtar, ska gosa er gula och blå, Johan kommer behöva ringa polisen på mig!