Wednesday 19 January 2011

What happened?

I thought I was gonna do this better this year and instead I posted almost nothing here lately. What to say, I've been busy, busy and busy, but most of all I've been enjoying life.
All the kids are back from their Holiday's and it's funny how those tiny people grow so fast. It's a lot of actually's before everything they say and I've been corrected about almost everything. One would think they all got encyclopedias for Christmas or a tutor from Yale.
I've started running again and I'm telling ya, if you're a part time bitter person like me who curse at missed trains and lost keys, after a good run I feel so great I can step in dog poo and still smile.
A few things I wanna share with you since last are:

1. This great album by Efterklang

2. Lilly's new kitten Ziggy Stardust, such a nutter

3. This book by David Nicholls waiting by my nightstand, I think it's gonna be great

4. Wonderful illustrations by Ingela P Arrhenius like these 

5. Supercute dresses from Asos

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