Monday 3 January 2011

5 things I won't miss when I move...

It could be worse, I could be living here...

1. My neighbour above who probably was inspired by the movie Coyote Ugly and thinks that her keyboard and new (very bad gift Santa) microphone will make her famous and dance on bars with LeAnn Rimes. I'm telling you hun, all you will do is dance outside of bars begging for rent. Don't quit your day job!

2. My wall to wall neighbours who drink and drink and then have another drink. When I go to bed it's time for them to come home from the pub and have drunken sex. They're in their 40's so it's no way hot I can imagine. It's not so much that their loud it's that they do it to Peter Jöbacks Christmas record (if you're a swede younger than 50 you know the pain). It makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth before I go to sleep.

3. The electricity. Never ever ever turn on the stove and the boiler at the same time unless you like total darkness and fumbling around looking for a torch. Or like this morning when every light I switched on exploded one after another.

4. The fact that the only place to storage your bike here is in the basement down through lots of stairs, heavy door, only leading to more stairs and two more doors. And trust me I tried locking it by the front and that bike is now repainted and sold in Poland or somewhere...

5. The postman aound here probably hates this house as much as I do and is determined to force down all my magazines in the mailbox with heavy violence. I havn't had an Elle delivered with an attached front page in six years. Such a hater.

66 days and I'm out of here!

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